Simon Glass

Jeremiah 4:23-27, 2008/10

"Jeremiah 4:23-27" is a suite of nine giclee prints, 30x38in. matted and framed to 40x48" and aircraft parts with text. The images are landscapes shot in Israel and Palestine (West Bank) in 2008.

In the Book of Jeremiah (one of the latter prophets as seen by the Jewish religion) it is predicted that the Kingdom of Judah would be invaded and its temple destroyed by the Babylonians -- as occurred later in 586 BCE. Almost certainly, the Book of Jeremiah was redacted after his death. But even during the ministry of Jeremiah (ca. 627-580 BCE) there were signs of the ascendancy of the Babylonian Empire. The destruction of the temple might have been foreseen.

Although Jeremiah's route from Jerusalem to Egypt, where he likely perished, is not documented, the images in this suite show places that he may well have traversed en route. They borrow metaphors from Jeremiah's writings -- the sky darkening, desolation, worse.

As with history and memory, speculation is as compatible with belief as it is with doubt.

An annotated translation of Jeremiah 4:23-27 can be found here.